Koko Untitled 01-Atonetto Gallery
Koko Untitled 01-Atonetto Gallery

Koko Untitled 01

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Acrylic on canvas

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KOKO is the name of a group composed of two artists: Gregory Rouillard and Sebastien Farran. Both members of the twosome graduated from the French Academy of Fine Arts. The two met in Paris as they shared the same line of work, art direction, and decided to establish KOKO. An art director’s role in cinema, theater and plastic art is to monitor the overall production of a certain vision. More elaborately, an Art Director is responsible for translating a notion into something that will stimulate the imagination of the audience while assuring the final outcome still reflects the original idea.

Farran and Rouillard’s background as art directors is vividly evident in their current artwork. Borrowing terms from the theater – they treat the exhibition space as a allegorical stage and the art as set. Making the viewers – actors, in a flamboyant atmosphere. KOKO, in fact, dedicate their art to inspire an optimistic mood in mundane life and to glorify the beholder. The motivation for their first corpus was derived from observing urban life. Inspired by Minimalism and Pop Culture they produced a series of colorful metal sculptures that provide a refreshing point of view on typical life in Tel Aviv.

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