Top 10 Rosh Hashanah Gifts

Rosh Hashanah and the Jewish holidays are just around the corner. The new Jewish year Symbolizes renewal and special time when we meet the family and send gifts and good wishes to our friends. As everyone looking for unique gifts around this time of year + this is a great opportunity to support Israeli artist in those challenging corona days -  we decided to write this fun article about the top 10 Judaica gifts. Let's start!


10. Noah's Ark 3D Wall Sculpture. 

Formed from cold rolled steel, recycled metal, which has been laser cut, galvanised, spray and hand painted this amazing 3D wall décor by Tzuki, one of the most loved artists in Israel is a fun and colorful gift that fits perfectly for kids room as well as living room. price$1,724.99 - $1,208.00 Shop here



9. Fancy Silver Candlesticks.

This a gift that will put a smile on any Jewish mother face! A fancy Shabbat Candlesticks decided for someone you love and which to impress. price$329.99 $230.00 Shop here


8. Blue Hamsa Wall Décor.

Hamsa Symbolizes good luck and protection from “evil eye”, this delicate artwork is just a perfect cute gift for close friends. price$85.99 $60.00 Buy Here


7. V Mezuzah Multicolor 

Mezuzah is a mast in any Jewish house, and most of us got – lats face it bit boring Mezuzah normally in silver color those modern metallic metal cases are an amazing gift to young cupule. rice$68.99  $48.00 Shop Here

6. Brass Hanukkah Menorah Brass.

This Hanukkah Menorah made of Brass is not less than work of art, a true unique Prestigious gift.  price$614.99 $431.00 Shop Here


5. The Key For Luck Hamsa Hand

This Hamsa comes with a stand making in ideal for an office table, we small Hebrew greeting words on the bottom this one is great Co-worker or office friend gift. price$97.99 $68.00 Shop Here

4.3D Metal wall décor by Tzuki

We just love Tzuki artwork and this one is just the perfect give you can give to you love ones full of color and hope! price$1,050.00 $845.00 Shop Here


3. Shema Israel Mezuzah

This beautiful Mezuzah with the Shema Israel prayer on it is perfect for more traditional family members and parents.price$143.99 $101.00 Shop Here


2. Tzuki Hanukkah Family Tree Menorah.

A gift that declares “The sky is the limit!”
This lively colorful Menorah reflects Tzuki’s zest for life. The soothing essence of blue blends with the spiritual aspirations of his Menorah family. Mother and daughter work in unison and harmony. Responding to their devoted care, the tree grows a lush selection of leaves and flowers. The cats on the side purr in delight. The different shades of dots on the tree symbolize the rich variety of life. price$350.99 $192.00. Shop Here


1. Window House Blessing Metal Wall Decor

The window is open. Stop and gaze at the generations celebrating the Shabbat dinner together. Harmony and joy prevail in the room. The elderly grandparents adhere to the traditional candles and wine blessing. The younger members of the family have found their own pursuits. Everyone is happy and contented. At the base of a blue strip is written a request for the family to be granted love, hope, health, good fortune, fertility and livelihood. Including “birkat habayit” prayer  text. price $292.99 192$ Shop Here

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